William Garlington

William Garlington

Independent American Reformer

Bill is a businessman, entrepreneur, author, public speaker, educator, former actor, and former co-host of Hispanics Speak Out TV. Bill’s focus since 2010 has been educating individuals of the importance of self-reliance. To look beyond the dependency of the federal and state governments as a surrogate parent. His main focus has been to educate young adults who are beginning their life’s journey into the workforce, but also America’s future leaders; to understand the importance of rejecting large entitlement programs, and rejecting government control over their lives. 

Bill has proudly acknowledged ever since he was 8 years old, that he has been a Conservative, even though he wasn’t sure what a conservative meant, until he was in his teens. Born in Marietta Georgia, Bill’s parents moved the family to Planation, Florida in 1966, where along with his twin brother and two sisters this middle class family flourished. Bill’s father the late Richard Garlington, was an original Daytona 500 driver who raced on the beach of Daytona. Before his passing, Richard Garlington built a successful marine business and later designed and built the Garlington Yachts that are still being manufactured today. Bill’s mother Kathy, is the matriarch of the family who enjoys her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren; along with her close friends.

Bill resides in Oviedo, Florida where he has been since 2004. Bill has one child who is married to a serviceman in the Air Force and they reside in England with Bill’s two year old grandchild Tyler and Bill’s soon to be granddaughter who is set to be born in late March 2020.

  • Political Ideology:Independent American Reformeer
  • Religion:Christian
  • Date of Birth:14 September 1966
  • Born In:Marietta, Georgia
  • Best known as:American Reformer
William Garlington


Political Science & American History

Florida State University


Earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science & American History from Florida State University in 1981, Bill knew he would serve his Country as a public official someday. Bill has never believed in career politicians or career governmental officials; so after college he entered the private sector and became a successful medical sales manager man for over 20 years. Continuing to have success in the medical field, Bill worked part-time in the entertainment field as a part-time model and actor; until he became a full-time actor, a screenwriter, & print model for over 6 years.


Published Author

Bill is a published author of two children’s book, The Great Divide, and The Great Divide Coloring Book; along with three political books, Our United Presidents, which is a presidential trivia book, It’s Your Choice America, which lays out Bill’s core values, and Common Sense, Six Principles to Save America from Imploding, which talks about elitism as the “Root” of the problem and how Americans can remove this cancer inside Washington.