• Conservatism is Americanism for every citizen
    Let’s “Make it Right” again Conservatism is Americanism for every citizen
  • Ideological Leader for every generation
    American Reformer! Ideological Leader for every generation

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Mission and Vision

Ensure every American Citizen freedom from Governmental Tyranny regardless of Race, Gender, Creed, Sexual-Orientation, or Social Economic Status, in concert of America’s fundamental values: Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happiness shall not be abridged


To empower every American Citizen the Opportunity of True Freedom inside The United States of America.


  • Cut Federal Government 60% by 2040
  • Fair Tax
  • Energy Independence

Foreign policy

  • Superior Military
  • Support Foreign Allies
  • Fair Trade
  • Border Security


  • Individual Healthcare
  • School Prayer
  • Protection of the Unborn
  • School Choice

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My Promise

Freedom begins with understanding one’s core values, then acting upon those values, by seeking leaders who represent those same values.

How can we get our country back on track? How to preserve our Constitution and get people value and honor it? All this core questions have been evolving in our minds for years.

Public Administration 95%
Human Rights 90%
International Relations 85%

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Election Campaign

Election Campaign

Orlando, Florida
03 Nov 2020 08:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Americanism is the key of Making it Right Again.

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